‘looking through the glass’..

the drawing itself didn’t turn out as well as i wanted it to, but then it actually looked kind of interesting after i put a glass over it.. so here’s the result..

‘the whole universe is my home’..

or ‘tüm bir evren yurt bana’.. my favorite line from the song ‘fırtınalı şarkı’, sung by a turkish band called metropolis.. written in the current georgian script, mkhedruli, with a  bit of a modification — i.e. i made two new characters (‘ü’ & ‘y’), which aren’t in the original alphabet.. and yes, that’s a dragonfly…

overly complicated arrow & unalome amalgam..

this was gonna be another item in the randomness series, but i liked the description so much that i decided to make it the title.. i’m not sure what the other two doodles are though.. they just happened somehow.. oh and there’s a line from the naked and famous song ‘higher’ in the upper-left corner…..

a syllabic alphabet for the basque language..

aka euskal alfabeto silabikoa (eas).. it’s still just a draft & perhaps not an efficient system at all, but i still had lots of fun creating it.. for those, who are interested, please find a more detailed explanation below the image.. “The first page consists of all the consonant characters (the parallel red lines are…