A Few Rather Whimsical Implications of Quantum Theory..

What if our seemingly spontaneous thoughts are indeed influenced by, or possibly the very results of other human neural activities? What if, by certain particles teleporting through our skulls, we are in fact capable of telepathy? What if spontaneous human combustion is explicable by the tunneling phenomenon as well? What if this same event is responsible for the ostensibly impossible clairvoyant and thoughtographic abilities? What if certain people are better than others in picking up the information from these particles jumping out of our brain circuits? What if the initial vision-related theories of “emission” and “intro-mission” were not completely mistaken? What if our ability to see is the consequence of emitting particles from our eyes or visual neurons, or receiving something more than just light, something that originates in the observed object itself? What if the significance of James J. Gibson’s ecological psychology has been falsely underrated after all; and photons do carry every relevant piece of information about the environment, thus rendering further cognitive processing unnecessary?

What if we constantly possess a certain number of particles, which are entangled with other human beings? What if their actions affect our behaviors, in a way so that ours are the opposite of theirs? What if us being hungry takes away their appetite? What if us being nervous makes them relaxed? What if us being happy makes them inevitably sad? What if our sleepiness wakes them up? What if the intuitive feeling of connectedness is not bogus in monozygotic twins, since they had shared many particles before splitting up into separate embryos?

How far can we stretch this? Clearly, we cannot only talk about human-to-human interactions here. For instance, let us imagine that particles from another animal or a plant (or even a fungus for that matter) can temporarily leave them and enter our bodies, if the distance between us is small enough. Therefore people, who claim that they can speak and listen to flowers, may not sound so ridiculous after all.

The same goes for food and inorganic objects, including rocks, houses, books, etc. What if breaking a plate can affect our mood directly through tunneling and not merely in a complicated, abstract way? What if we develop new technologies in the future, by which digital information can travel into our brains in an instant?

What if we all stand on the same end of a countless number of entangled particles, while they are intentionally manipulated on the other end, far away from here, in order to create a large-scale theater or simulation of some sort, for the benefit of a different intelligent species? Or the other way around; what if we unknowingly control the development of distant planets and the fate of undiscovered solar systems?

The implications and possibilities are limitless…


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  1. JoAnna says:

    I love, “what if” questions. The word, “always” not so much. As in, “What if their actions affect our behaviors, in a way so that ours are always the opposite of theirs?” This has not been my experience. However, your other ideas sound fascinating, though I only have vague inklings of understanding. Something you wrote made me think about dolphins and whales using eco-location to communicate and people who are empathic being “better than others in picking up the information from these particles jumping out of our brain circuits.”

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    1. Thank you for your insightful comment, JoAnna! You are perfectly right; the “always” word does not fit there at all… I should just get rid of it, and leave it ambiguous.

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