overly complicated arrow & unalome amalgam..

this was gonna be another item in the randomness series, but i liked the description so much that i decided to make it the title.. i’m not sure what the other two doodles are though.. they just happened somehow.. oh and there’s a line from the naked and famous song ‘higher’ in the upper-left corner…..

a syllabic alphabet for the basque language..

aka euskal alfabeto silabikoa (eas).. it’s still just a draft & perhaps not an efficient system at all, but i still had lots of fun creating it.. for those, who are interested, please find a more detailed explanation below the image.. “The first page consists of all the consonant characters (the parallel red lines are…

‘her dark side’..

yes, it was there, evolving.. mutating into something worse, something more resistant, and she couldn’t ignore it any longer..