“where’s my seahorse?” she asked..

“obviously, you’re wearing it,” replied a stranger passing by.. “oh, of course! why didn’t i think of that?” she said in a voice particular to someone, who just found her seahorse.. “beats me.. whenever i look for mine, it’s almost always on my left eye too, you know.. we got something in common,” uttered the…

‘always’ in circular gallifreyan..

‘always’ written in circular gallifreyan, which is the standardized writing system for the fictional language gallifreyan used in doctor who.. there’s also an empty swiss pocket watch case on the picture, which i found at an antique store in istanbul, and which used to belong to a tcdd (turkish state railways) employee once upon a…

‘stars, lines and symmetry’..

based on moorish patterns from the alhambra palace in granada, spain.. and maybe also from morocco?.. i don’t remember.. there’s a pentagram too, for some odd reason..

‘looking through the glass’..

the drawing itself didn’t turn out as well as i wanted it to, but then it actually looked kind of interesting after i put a glass over it.. so here’s the result..

‘the whole universe is my home’..

or ‘tüm bir evren yurt bana’.. my favorite line from the song ‘fırtınalı şarkı’, sung by a turkish band called metropolis.. written in the current georgian script, mkhedruli, with a  bit of a modification — i.e. i made two new characters (‘ü’ & ‘y’), which aren’t in the original alphabet.. and yes, that’s a dragonfly…

overly complicated arrow & unalome amalgam..

this was gonna be another item in the randomness series, but i liked the description so much that i decided to make it the title.. i’m not sure what the other two doodles are though.. they just happened somehow.. oh and there’s a line from the naked and famous song ‘higher’ in the upper-left corner…..